Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The Department of EEE offers B. Tech. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. The program provides excellent technical knowledge in the emerging areas of Electrical Engineering along with the required supporting knowledge of mathematics, science, computing, and engineering fundamentals. The program also includes in depth study and analysis of Electrical Technology, Power Systems, Control Systems, Circuit Theory, Digital Signal Processing and Soft Computing etc. The laboratory works develop the basic skills needed to formulate problems, to perform and design experimental projects.

The department also offers post graduate programme - M. Tech in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. The objective of the programme is to introduce the students to various types of power electronic devices and control of electric power using these devices. The program is structured to cover the fundamentals, application areas through a set of core subjects and electives which the students can select based on their interest followed by a project work. In the project work, the students are encouraged to work on specific application areas involving design, simulation, and fabrication and testing of any power electronics system having industrial applications.



The department has developed exclusive well-equipped laboratories for suitable instructions and hands-on experience as per AICTE norms.

Some of the important labs under the department are:

  • Electrical Machines Lab.

  • Control Systems & Simulation Lab.

  • Electrical Measurements Lab.

  • Power Electronics& Simulation lab.

  • Power Converters Lab.

  • Electrical Circuits Simulation Lab.

The simulation of electrical systems lab has sophisticated software on power systems, power electronics and control systems based on mat lab and simulink.

The department library houses large volumes of various titles for both the faculty and students. Students are encouraged to actively involve in understanding concepts through hands-on, small-group and individuals explorations, using real-time examples from the industry.


Students are assigned time bound group assignments and encouraged to learn the intricacies of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


The Alumni of the Department are well placed in various companies like Infosys Limited, Haat Incinerators India, Sri Vigneswara Enterprises, Interfoto India, Pilani Softlabs, Adtec Electronic Instruments, CGI, Nokia, Kochar Infotech, Snam Alloys Pvt ltd, Pixsello, Youngminds Technology solutions, Zigma Technologies, AEGIS, TCS, Adaitya Birla, Vodafone, etc. Many of the students are also pursuing their higher studies both in India as well as abroad.