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The Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences at VEMU has grown in strength over the years in terms of infrastructure including laboratories and faculty members. The department consists of well experienced faculty members.

The main objective of the department is to develop the necessary theoretical and practical aspects required for understanding intricacies of the technical subjects and also to give adequate exposure to the applied physics and chemistry aspects in different disciplines of engineering.

The department has its own library besides a central library of the college. The department imparts quality education to its students by means of demonstration and available teaching aids. Training on ‘Communication Skills’ is imparted to the students right from the first year. Seminars and Workshops are conducted in the department to keep faculty and students updated with latest developments in various technologies.

With adequate facilities and sophisticated infrastructure, the department is completely well equipped to meet the contemporary needs of the industry.

Some of the laboratories are:

  • English Language Lab.
  • Physics Lab.
  • Chemistry Lab

English Language Lab :

The Language Lab provides a platform in which the students acquire the competency and command over English Language. The lab is greatly useful in improving their Communication Skills, Soft Skills, Presentation Skills, Phonetics and Grammar. The lab enables students to appear for an interview and make them face the industry needs. The lab yields the students not only the knowledge in various aspects of communication skills but also helps them to gain self confidence and to overcome the fear of speaking in public. The language lab comprises one IBM X series 3400 (Intel Xeon processor) connected through 20 mbps speed network.

Physics and Chemistry Laboratories :

Physics and Chemistry Laboratories are well ventilated and fully equipped, fulfilling curricular requirements. These Laboratories promote the learning and understanding of the fundamental concepts of Physics and Chemistry with the relevant resources. The students experiment with the latest technologies which help them in kindling their talent and skills.

Faculty – H&S Department





1 Dr U Sasikala Ph.D HOD & Associate Professor
2 Dr Suguna M Ph.D Professor
3 Dr B Nagabhushanam Reddy Ph.D Professor
4 A Prakash M.Sc(Ph.D) Professor
5 Dr Naveen Kumar P Ph.D Associate Professor
6 Dr Feroz Begum Ph.D Associate Professor
7 M Chaitanya Sree Lakshmi M.Sc(M.Phil) Associate Professor
8 Venkata Sai Sireesha D M.Sc(Ph.D) Associate Professor
9 D Manjula M.Sc(Ph.D) Associate Professor
10 R Viswanadam M.Sc(Ph.D) Associate Professor
11 Chandrasekharaachari N M.Sc Associate Professor
12 Sivaji Vemula MA, MBA Associate Professor
13 Y Sai Lakshmi MA, MBA Associate Professor
14 K Panduranga Naidu MA Associate Professor
15 K T E Sandhya Kiran MA Associate Professor
16 Hemakumar N M.Sc Assistant Professor
17 D Subramanyam M.Sc Assistant Professor
18 Dr Swarupa Ch Ph.D Assistant Professor
19 Dr Kuppala Raja Sekhar Ph.D Assistant Professor
20 Dr K Chaitanya Kumar Ph.D Assistant Professor
21 N Subramanyam M.Sc Assistant Professor
22 V Sudhakar M.Sc (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
23 Dhanuja P M.Sc Assistant Professor
24 B Kavitha M.Sc Assistant Professor
25 M Siva Suneetha M.Sc Assistant Professor
26 B Kiran Kumar M.Sc Assistant Professor
27 A Sailaja M.Sc Assistant Professor
28 M Nirmala MA Assistant Professor
29 B Kodnadapani MA Assistant Professor
30 K Lokeswari M.Sc Assistant Professor
31 Baby K M.Sc Assistant Professor
32 J Surya Sekhar M.PEd Assistant Professor

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