Central Library

A library is said to be the heart of a college. The library easily accessible to all the departments on the campus has steadily increase over the years and it has about 27309 books on various subjects. The collection of the library includes text books, reference books, general books, Project Report, back volumes of generals and magazines. The central library houses a digital library with 30 computer systems.

The plinth area of library building is about 10806.97 sq.ft of witch 694 sq.ft is occupied by the carpet area, is readers area 310 sq.ft. the library has 2 reading halls.

Working hours

The library opened throughout the year except public holidays.
Week days: 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM

vemu library

Number of Books and Journals



No.of Books avaliable

No.of Journals avaliable


No.of title

No.of volumes



1 B.Tech 3958 23342 58 30 12
2 M.Tech 215 1438 - -
3 MBA 331 2529 12 6
Total 4504 27309 70 36 12

The Library of the College has a good collection of Textbooks, e resources for the benefit of the students.
The individual departments basing on the curriculum changes and also with the knowledge of new arrivals recommends text books, reference books and journals to the library and the budget is being allocated Accordingly.
During the library committee meetings, developments that are required to improve the library are being discussed and modifications are being made accordingly.
The following is the detailed information on the number of textbooks and e-resources purchased in the library over the years.

Digital Library

i) No. of Computers in reading room : 30
ii) NPTEL learning material : Yes
iii) Other e-learning resources :
1. IEEE ASPP Online
3. National Digital Library
6. NPTEL Videos
iv) Internet connectivity:
i) No. of terminals with internet connection : 30
ii) Availability to students (timings) : 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM
iii) Internet bandwidth (Mbps) : 40 Mbps

Department Libraries

Every department has a separate departmental library with contains good number of reference books along with various project reports done by the students, for the reference of faculty and students. The detailed information regarding the number of books available in the departmental library of various departments of the college is as below.