Success is in our way of Life - VEMU

Institute Vision:

v  To be one of the premier institutes for professional education producing dynamic and vibrant force of technocrats with competent skills, innovative ideas and leadership qualities to serve the society with ethical and benevolent approach.

Institute Mission:

v  To create a learning environment with state-of-the art infrastructure, well equipped laboratories, research facilities and qualified senior faculty to impart high quality technical education.

v  To facilitate the learners to inculcate competent research skills and innovative ideas by Industry-Institute Interaction.


v  To develop hard work, honesty, leadership qualities and sense of direction in learners by providing value based education.


Institutional Values:

VEMU is committed to the values that promote positive transformation of its students and their employability.


  • The pursuit and application of technical knowledge.

  • Self discipline

  • Ethical conduct

  • Student engagement

  • Social /community interface



Vemu Institute of Technology is committed and strives to maintain the quality education through superior teaching, rigorous training, continuous evaluation and monitoring.



  • To become a highly reputed technical institution.

  • To establish departments of excellence.

  • To promote research and developmental activities in technical areas that are useful for the society.

  • To establish industry interface and bridge the gap between industry and academics.

  • To continuously improve its teaching – learning methods.