• An Entrepreneur is someone who has an idea and converts that idea into profitable business.
  • Entrepreneur is the decision maker of what to do, where to do, when to do, and how to do in a company or an enterprise. He bares the risk of the entire business and provide solutions accordingly.
  • Entrepreneurship is owning a profitable business by an unique idea, by solving problems, by owning companies, by learning to generate money with whatever you know or have.
  • Entrepreneurship takes consistence, passion, dedication, determination, having skill, having different rules, having different mindset.
  • Only a Entrepreneur can see problems as successful enterprise.

Start-Up VEMU

Start-Up VEMU Incubation centre provides students guidance, a track, a support for every student who has an idea which he/she is willing to share with the world. We say that through the help of the digital world everyone can get to do what ever they want and make a profitable consistent business from it. We say that everyone can be an Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship is not only for the persons who are already in business.
This centre helps you with your idea by helping you create a sustainable startup and guide you through out your mysterious journey. This is the opportunity for the students to show his managing abilities, his art, his analytical thinking, his decision making capability,etc and make profits from them.

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Objectives of Start-Up VEMU

The incubation centre shall provide necessary guidance, tech support, infrastructure, access to investors, networking, and facilitating a host of other resources that may be required for the incubatee to survive and scale. The core objective of the incubation centre would be as follows-

  • Assist the incubatee in creating a sustainable, scalable & profitable business model
  • Provide physical infrastructure and value - added support services
  • Create a strong network of mentors who would provide sector specific knowledge & real world practical guidance
  • Conduct events and inspirational programs
  • Provide trainings and mentorship to entrepreneurs
  • Forge partnerships and networks with academia, industry, funding sources, existing incubators and others for the start - ups to leverage.
  • Enable access to prototyping facilities, test beds, markets, and pilot implementation for the product /services
  • Build a strong team with adequate knowledge and experience in guiding start-ups, building business plans, facilitating investments, building networks etc.

Operating model

As the Innovation & Incubation Centre is at the very early stage, the initial operation will be focused on nurturing innovative ideas, support in developing the business proposal, support with the industry and related departments linkages, identifying the target market, provide space to work, consultation with the faculties, technological guidance, industry exposure, pre-launch & launch activities, feedback system and contact with the investors.


VEMU IT provides the best practical education for students.This helps them getting better knowledge on subjects.
But for a student to reach companies which offer highest packages needs management skills in a student with his education.
Here Start-Up Vemu plays a vital role by teaching students management and giving them the opportunity to lead their own business.
This gets students of VEMU in the sight of MNC companies which are in desperate need of employees with managing skills.

  1. An application will be filled through online or direct approach.
  2. Application goes through screening process.
  3. Interview will be held.
  4. Final approval by The Principal.

Our Services

Start-Up VEMU Incubation centre provides students guides,websites, and mobile apps.
In this digital world the most important thing for a business to be successful is being online, being available, being handy.
websites and mobile apps provides users to interact with you through their hand device and this is how a business gets to the top of the charts. We make professional and responsive websites.We make these websites based on our survey results on impact of digitalized business on every individual user.
These services are provided by The demension.




Startups launched


Success Stories



A space to share ideas

High Speed Internet

Providing highspeed internet for stundents.


Providing books, video sessions,etc.

VEMU Start-Up fund

Providing up to 10 lakhs as startup fund


Collaboration with companies, live talks with CEOs

Seminars & Raise your voice

Conducting seminars and teaching social talk.