Guidelines for students appearing for the Campus Placements

A. Registration:

It is mandatory for a student (if eligible) to register with the TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL (through the links provided) to participate in the placement process. Kindly refer to the ‘Eligibility’ section for further details.

B. Eligibility:

  1. It is compulsory for all Final Year Students (who are interested in career opportunities) to get themselves registered with TAP cell for different placement activities.
  2. Students who don’t register with the TAP Cell will not be allowed to participate in any placement activity (On-Campus) conducted by the institution.
  3. Students with backlog(s) in previous semesters will be permitted to register provisionally. (Provisional registration shall get confirmed only on clearing the backlog papers/acceptance by the company)
  4. Minimum of 60% in 10th, 12th/Diploma & B.Tech is a standard eligibility for most companies campus recruitment. So, students having aggregate less than 60% in any of the education qualification might not be eligible for campus recruitment drives, based on the company’s eligibility criteria.
  5. Students who furnish false information in the placement registration form will be debarred from all campus placement activities.
  6. If any discrepancies are found during training/placement period, he/ she shall be subjected to strict disciplinary action.
  7. Students once placed through TAP Cell will not be eligible to participate in subsequent on campus placement activities.

C. Resume:

  1. Students are expected to follow the institute resume template.
  2. The details given in the resume should be genuine. Any student found violating this rule shall be deregistered from the placement for the rest of the academic year.

D. Pre-Placement Talk (PPT):

  1. The schedule of PPT will, in most cases, be notified in advance to the students. But there might be PPTs on short notice if the companies come up with a short deadline. Students are requested to be prepared for such situations. However, such situations shall be precluded as far as possible.
  2. Students MUST wear formal dress and shoes whenever they participate in any interaction with the company for all in-person processes. TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL has the right to deny entry to a student for the selection process/PPT on the grounds of unprofessional attire and shall be de-registered from placements. Please note that the following are strictly not allowed:
    • i. T-shirts
    • ii. Shorts
    • iii. Jeans
    • iv. Chappals/flip-flops
  3. Students MUST wear appropriate formal dress whenever they participate in online interactions with the company.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to get clarification regarding salary breakup, job profile, etc., during the PPT.
  5. Students will be allowed to attend the placement process of a company only if they attend the PPT, if delivered by that company.

E. Placement Process:

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their resume updated, check for announcements/notices regarding placements and apply for jobs through the links provided through Whatsapp/Telegram groups and/or e-mail.
  2. The dress code should be followed as mentioned in the rule b. and c. of the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) section.
  3. The slots for the placements are decided and allotted to the companies by the PLACEMENT AND TRAINING CELL.
  4. It is the students’ responsibility to attend placement processes by logging in at least 30 minutes before the reporting/test time. Check for network connectivity and report to the Point of Contact as soon as possible in case of issues.
  5. If a student comes late for a company’s selection process, the TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL has the right to withhold him/her from participating in that company’s selection process or deregister him/her from placements on a case-to-case basis.
  6. The results shall be declared at the end of the company’s process. The companies will provide the selected list of students to the TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL or its representative point of contact. In the case of multiple offers offered to a student simultaneously, the student shall accept any one of the offers of his/her choice, and the other offers will be cancelled.
  7. A company can roll out an offer to a student at any point during his/her interview in a spot offer round. If the student gets selected in some company/organisation, then he/she will be excluded from the procedure of any other company whose process is running in parallel with immediate effect, even if he/she rejects the offer.
  8. After getting a job offer, the student will be out of the regular placement process but allowed to participate in the selection process of a company which provides higher package, provided he/she is eligible.
  9. After getting a job offer, if any student decides to withdraw his/her acceptance any time till the conclusion of the academic session, he/she must inform the TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL with a justifiable reason immediately.
  10. The confirmed list of students selected in various companies after the acceptance of offers will be intimated to the company personnel by PLACEMENT AND TRAINING CELL.

F. Points considered as a breach of placement policy:

  1. Students informing the recruitment team that they are not interested in the job and are attending the placement process of that recruiter 'just for the experience’ is highly unprofessional on the part of students. Students undertaking such practices may be debarred from the placement process.
  2. Students who do not appear for the process after registering, citing technical reasons such as network connectivity, should do the following things:
    • i. Inform the concerned placement representative at least 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled process to resolve the issue.
  3. Students who do not appear for the process after registering citing medical reasons should do the following:
    • i. Inform the concerned placement representative at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled process.
    • ii. Should get a medical certificate from a doctor confirming that he/ she was not in a position to attend the placement process on the given day.

    If the student fails to do the above-given things, it is taken as a breach of placement policy. For any other reasons (other than medical), the level of punishment (mentioned in section G) will be decided on a case-to-case basis.
  4. Students found cheating or misbehaving during the placement process: The level of punishment for breaching the policy more than once will be decided on a case-to-case basis.

G. Punishment for the breach of placement policy:

  1. a. Level 1: He/she will be imposed a fine of Rs. 5000/-.
  2. b. Level 2: He/she will be deregistered from the placements.

H. Pre-Placement Offer:

  1. Those who receive PPO through the TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL internship process and accept it within the stipulated period of time are deemed to be PLACED. These students will be out of the regular placement process but will be allowed to participate in the selection process of a company which provides higher package, provided he/she is eligible.
  2. Those who reject the PPO offer will be eligible to sit for the placement process and will be considered in the general pool.

I. Further instructions to students:

  1. TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL can modify any of the rules during any time of the year, and the changes will be communicated to the students appropriately. TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL has the authority to take appropriate actions against any student violating any of the policies mentioned in the document.
  2. For all matters not covered by the above regulations, TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL will use its discretion to take appropriate decisions. The decision taken by the TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL shall be binding on all students and scholars.
  3. The role of the TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL is to facilitate placement related activities, and it does NOT guarantee a job. Applying for a company or joining a company is entirely the responsibility/decision of the student concerned.
  4. Students must keep ready at least four copies of photographs. Students should bring the institute ID card at the time of the placements process.
  5. Students should be ready with all certificates (in original & duplicates) for the curricular and extracurricular activities as mentioned in the resume.
  6. Students are expected you to maintain a cordial relationship with the recruiters when they come to VEMU Institute of Technology for the placement process. As recruiters are our guests, and any altercation can leave a negative impact.
  7. Students should not contact the HR personnel of the companies directly/personally. If you need any communication with any particular person or company, contact the placements coordinator or the placement officer. Strict action will be taken against any students found contacting the HR without the knowledge of PAT cell.
  8. No student is allowed to approach Placement Cell or the Company for any undue advantage.
  9. Disseminating negative message/rumors through social media/other means may cause debarment of a student from all kinds of placement activities.
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